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Python Course Contents

  • Introduction to Python: Getting Started, Installing Python, First Python program, using the Interpreter
  • Language Basics, Types, Dynamic v/s Static Typing, Strong v/s Weak Typing, Numbers, Strings, Unicode, Complex types, Operators, Variables, Scoping and Expressions, Use of tabs and whitespaces as indent, Conditionals
  • Control statements: if-else, switch, while, for, break, continue
  • Functions: The general syntax, Default values for arguments, Returning and receiving multiple values, Variable number of arguments – args, kwargs, Scope revisited
  • Object Oriented Programming Basics, Introduction to OOP, Classes and Objects, Instance methods and data, Initialization of objects, Inheritance, Multiple and Multilevel Inheritance, Method overriding, Classes and Types
  • Collections: Primitive v/s Composite Types, Lists, Tuples, Maps (or Dictionaries), Sets, Enums
  • Modularisation of code, Global and Local namespace, Introduction to modules, Using modules, Creating your own modules, Working with a third-party library
  • Regular Expressions, Matching v/s Searching, Regular Expression Objects, Match Objects, Examples
  • Files and Directories, Reading Files, Writing Files, Handling I/O Errors, Higher level file operations, File and Directory comparisons
  • Exception Handling, Exception handling basics, try...except, Examples
  • Packages
  • Data structure: Stack, Queue, Linked List, Tree, Graph
  • GUI programming using Python
  • Accessing Databases
  • XML in python
  • Network Programming
  • Web applications using Python
  • Integrating Java and Python
  • Hacking using Python

Course Duration : 80 Hrs

Daily Two Hours, 3 days a week

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