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Ethical Hacking
We guarantee the highest Quality training at the lowest possible prices Only Place in Bhopal to offer in depth training on all latest Ethical Hacking technologies & live project at reasonable price by well experienced real time consultant.
Opportunity to work on real time project for all students.

Ethical Hacking Course Contents:

  • Introduction to Programming Languages, Hardware, Operating System, Networking, Network Security
  • Cyber Ethics
  • Hacking Introduction, Hacking Terminology, Hackers and hacking methodology, Steps to conduct ethical hacking Footprinting, Information Gathering & Scanning
  • Enumeration: steps involved in performing enumeration
  • Information generating using Linux: DNS enumeration, email searches, who is info, traceroot, route mapping
  • Social Engineering
  • Email Hacking & Security: phishing, fake pages, key loggers, social engineering techniques, email tracing
  • Trojans, backdoors: Virus and Worms
  • Windows memory management
  • System and network hacking
  • Linux Hacking
  • Windows Hacking: Windows XP/2000 hacking
  • Enumeration of network, sniffing network packets, protocol susceptible to sniffing, active and passive sniffing, ARP poisoning, Ethereal capture and display filters, MAC flooding, DNS spoofing techniques, analyzing the packets
  • Denial of Service: DoS Attacks
  • Google Hacking: Mobile, VoIP Hacking & Security
  • Wireless Security
  • Web Application Attacks & Security
  • SQL basics, types of SQL Injection, authentication bypass vulnerability, code injection, union based injection, error based injection, Blind SQL Injection, Preventing SQL Injection Attacks
  • Local File inclusion attacks, Remote file inclusion attacks, Session Hijacking attacks, Understand spoofing vs. hijacking, sequence prediction, steps in performing session hijacking, how to prevent session hijacking
  • Hacking web servers: types of web server vulnerabilities, attacks against web servers, Web Application Scanner Web based password cracking techniques: authentication types, password cracker
  • Cyber Crime Investigation
  • Assembly Language Basics
  • Reverse Engineering
  • Metasploit
  • Wireshark
  • Wireless Hacking (WEP & WPA)
  • Physical security
  • Cryptography
  • Mobile Phone Hacking
  • Android basics: intro to Android, Android architecture, developing application for Android, Installing SDK on Windows/ Linux
  • Android hacking and security: basics of Android security model, understanding the Android malwares, sending data to server, antivirus evasion, countermeasures
  • Java essentials
  • Penetration Testing Methodology

Recognize, Remember and recall a Term or Concept summarize, compare, classify and give examples apply
concept in the correct application in real time.

Duration(In No. of Hours) : 120 Hrs
Daily Two Hours, 3 days a week ( Mon,Wed,Fri Or Tue,Thu,Sat )
Unlimated Lab facility.
15 days for Project Work.

Course material will be provided by institute.
No. of Participants : Max 30
Course Methodology : There will be 50% Theory & 50% Practical.There will be first theory session and then demo of relative practical. Students will be given assignments.At the end case study will be given.

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