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DOT NET Visual Studio 2008 (Version 3.5)

MODULE -1: Basic Concepts:
HTML, DHTML Scripting & C++, Visual Basic, ASP (Active Server Pages), ADO (ActiveX Data Objects).
Net Framework Overview: Framework, Functionality of CLR, The Common type System, Class Library, Common Language Runtime.
Widows Application, Web Application, Web services, Window Forms, XML, and Assemblies.

MODULE-2: Overview of C, C++, C–SHARP- Introduction/C#, LanguageEnvironment, Type of applications.
In Depth: C# Language Elements, Basic Concepts, C# Syntax, Predefined Types, Variables, Operators, Access Specifiers, Parameters
Types, Enumeration, Boxing, Unboxing Properties, Exception Handling, Array-Types, Indexers, Name spaces, OOPS Concepts,
Delegates, Reflection The Preprocessor, Unsafe Code, The Base Classes, Using COM Comp in C#.


Introduction about VB, VB.NET Language, GUI Designing, Data Access, Inheritance Features Interface Declarations, Inheritance,
Interface, Shared Members on Classes Forms, OOPS concept in VB.NET, Properties, Methods, Events, Constructions,Circular
References, Garbage Collector,. NET framework support, Namespace and Events, Connection Objects in VB.NET.


ASP.NET, Object Model, Web Forms, server Controls, Web Controls, User Controls, Custom Controls, Validation Controls, Web Form
Validation, Caching, Data Access using ADO. NET, Error Handling, Debugging, Configuring Web Authorizing User and Roles,
Accessing, Database , Understanding ADO.NET , Using SQL Data object, Advanced Data Access, Component Development Using C#,
WEB SERVICES: Basic Concepts:

Introduction - Web Service Protocols, Describing Web Services, SDL (Service Description Lang), Wire Transmission.
Introduction to Markup Language:

Introduction to XML, XML Syntax, Document Type Definition, XLL -syntax (Extensible Linking Language DOM(Document Object Model)),
Schemas & Namespaces, XML - Server Side XML Role in    E-Commerce.

MODULE-5:  Microsoft SQL Server 2005

SQL SERVER 2005, RDBMS Concepts DDL, DCL, DML, DCL, Operators & Aggregate Functions in SQL, Constraints-Types Joins, Union,
Union All Sub-Query, Stored Procedures, Views, Triggers.

Advanced .Net Visual Studio 2008 (Version 3.5)

MODULE 6:  AJAX with ASP.Net
 Understanding the AJAX Technology, How AJAX Works, Creating AJAX Enabled Website, Creating a AJAX Enabled Web services ,
Using Update Panel Control

MODULE 7:  Dynamic HTML & JavaScript
Working with Events, Using JavaScript for Scripting, Creating Objects with Java Script, Intrinsic Objects in JavaScript

MODULE –  8:  Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF)
Create a WPF application, Customize the appearance of a WPF application, Bind UI controls to collections,Manage documents in a WPF
application, Configure and deploy WPF applications, Build a UI in a WPF application, Bind UI controls to data sources, Create new
controls in a WPF application, Add graphics and multimedia support to a WPF application.

MODULE –9: Windows Communication Foundation (WCF)
Identify the architecture of distributed applications,Create and use Web and Windows Communication Foundation(WCF) services, Develop
peer –to –peer applications, Implement  .NET  Remoting, Configure serialization and encoding, Implement transactions in WCF, Work
with Restful  services.

A Project for 2 weeks is provided in order to help them develop an application by using the technologies covered in the

Certification Mapping
This program provides you with requisite skills to attempt the following certification exams:
Exam 70-502: TS: Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5, Windows Presentation Foundation Application Development.
Exam 70-562: TS: Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5, ASP.NET Application Development.
Exam 70-503: TS: Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 – Windows

Communication Foundation.
Exam 70-536: Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 – Application Development Foundation TS certification.


  1. C - Sharp ( C# )
  2. Advance C#
  3. Database ( SQL Server 2000)
  4. ADO Dot Net
  5. ASP Dot Net
  6. VB Dot Net
Course Duration      : 3 Months
No. of working days : 54 days (108 Hrs)
Daily Two Hours, 5 days a week ( Monday - Friday )
Saturday Seminar by Corporates from MNC's
Unlimated Lab facility.
15 days for Project Work.

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